About us

About the brand

Our brand is born as an artistic project that is reflected in each of our products. The design of each piece is inspired by the original whaling craft and the world around it, as a metaphor for the effort and courage to achieve great ideals.

Our proposals are characterized by having a style that reflects the authenticity of the materials, and the practicality of the object; We recognize the influence of the philosophy “wabi sabi” on each of the natural irregularities of the skin, a streak, a scar, makes unique to each piece.

Regarding the values on which we rely as a brand it is the idea of “sustainable luxury” or “conscious fashion” seeking a balance between a fair price for the consumer and a fair return on the work of each of the people involved in the production; Working with suppliers of materials and local artisans in the development of each of the designs.

From the ecological point of view, we are determined to contribute 5% of the company’s profits to whale protection and protection associations such as Sea Sheperd, Save the Whales or Greenpeace.